NBTeams Project - Minecraft Multiplayer Team Management Solution API Sponge

What is NBTeam?

NBTeam is a plugin for Minecraft server in multiplayer, (initially ordered by the Lazylex server), the latter is a plugin created to be included in the ecosystem of multiplayer game servers called modded, in this case the plugin has adapted to a gameplay around Pixelmon, a mode inspired by the game "Pokémon". However, he's extremely flexible and adapts to all needs concerning team management.

What is the purpose of this Plugin?

The NBTeam Plugin is used to administer and manage the server users in different teams, which have several very different advantages and permissions. Each team has 5 categories. A player can only be in one team at the same time.
Also each Team has a private chat room at play.
NBTeam integrates perfectly into the modded environment of the server and serves as an additional cog to run the server's mods and permissions ecosystem. Notably, by directly using the permissions system, set up.


The plugin is distributed under license, sharing, resale, or use without license is strictly prohibited.
Licensed server: Lazylex, Livadia, PixelmonCraft

Are you playing on a server using NBTeam without a licence? Contact me via the contact form.

Become a NBTeam licensee

Would you like to get the plugin? Don't hesitate to contact me via the contact form and get a free quote.

Which tools have been used?

The plugin was designed in Java using Sponge libraries, allowing plugin development for modded servers.

Notice associated with the project

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EnToitAne - Fondateur du serveur minecraft "Lazylex"

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Nous recommandons NicolasBrg pour le développement de plugins. Rigoureux et à l'écoute dans la mesure du possible, il a su s'adapter à notre cahier de charges concernant le plugin de Teams qu'il a développé pour notre serveur Pixelmon Lazylex. Vous ne serez pas deçu.

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Kzarka - Responsable du serveur Pixelmon « Livadia »

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Nous sommes très satisfaits du suivi et de l'offre du plugin. Nous cherchions un plugin de team simple d'utilisation et de bonne qualité avec les fonctionnalités de base; La communication de Nicolas nous a aidée à trouver exactement ce que l'on recherchait. Si vous cherchez quelqu'un pour développer votre plugin, n'hésitez plus vous ne le regretterez pas.

March 25 2021 23:35:12